Timely reminder to never bet against Tom Brady as Bucs QB turns 45

Tom Brady may have turned 45 yesterday, but a quick glance at his career numbers ATS will remind you that it is still a bad idea to bet against him.

If you have been involved in sports betting in any way at any point over the past 21 years, you’ve probably already learned this lesson the hard way. However, as the Buccaneers quarterback turned 45 on Wednesday, Aug. 3, and the NFL preseason kicks off on Thursday night, it seems like a timely opportunity to remind everyone to never bet against Tom Brady.

Some things in sports are simply inevitable. Immovable mountains and unstoppable waves show up now and again; Barry Bonds breaking the home run record or Tiger Woods being the leading money winner of the PGA in the 2000s.

Greg Auman of the Athletic did the world a favor by reminding us all that, in today’s day and age, we can count on three simple things: death, taxes, and Tom Brady covering the spread.

Timely reminder to never bet against Tom Brady

In his illustrious 21-year career, Tom Brady, actually playing the games, is better against the spread than any bettor on the biggest heater of their life. Over 58% against the spread in his career is good for the second-best record of all-time behind just Joe Montana. There very well may never be another quarterback to enter that conversation.

Brady briefly retired this offseason after reaching the NFC Championship game as a 44-year-old, and if he can uphold history, it is legitimately a coin toss as to whether or not 2022 will be a true swan song for the GOAT.

As somebody who has limped away from betting against Tom Brady time and time again, my personal intention in 2022 is to sit back and admire his work from afar. However, when I can no longer help myself, and do inevitably choose to throw down some money on a Bucs game, it will be in favor of this man, this myth, this legend of a quarterback, who is better at covering the spread than any of us could even dream of.

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