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Peter King has a wild Aaron Rodgers offseason trade idea, but would it work?

In his Monday morning column, NBC’s Peter King revealed an offseason trade idea involving Aaron Rodgers which would’ve been unthinkable a few months ago.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are struggling. It’s no major secret.

Green Bay was favored to win the NFC North by a sizable margin before the start of the regular season, but 11 weeks in, the Packers sit in third place with a 4-7 record after a loss to the Titans last Thursday night.

Rodgers has been a major part of that, as he’s looked far less effective this year without top wide receiver Davante Adams in the fold. Adams was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders before the season after it was made clear by Packers brass that they wouldn’t match his asking price on a new contract.

Rodgers is 38 years old, and it’s unclear how much of a future he has in the NFL, let alone Green Bay. His passion for the game no longer includes mentoring young wide receivers, or Jordan Love. He’s shown his cards there, and frustration to boot. Could a move be in order this offseason?

Could the Packers trade Aaron Rodgers?

At one point unthinkable, Rodgers struggles — and his contract for that matter — could make Green Bay at least entertain some offers. No. 12 is unlikely to fetch multiple first-round picks, as he’s taken a major step back in 2022. Reuniting him with Davante Adams, however, could provide a much-needed jolt for a quarterback just a year removed from back-to-back MVP trophies.

Peter King theorized that a trade could be on the horizon, should Rodgers and Green Bay continue their losing ways:

“I think it might not be altogether nonsensical to consider trading Rodgers to Las Vegas for Derek Carr and a third-round pick. Might being the most important word there. Miles to go before you reach a decision like that, but it has crossed my mind.”

With that in mind, here’s what the trade would look like:

Raiders Get

QB, Aaron Rodgers

Packers Get

QB, Derek Carr

2023 third-round pick

I’m going to veto this trade, for now.

Both of these teams could look to move on from their respective quarterbacks this offseason. Vegas has given Derek Carr plenty of opportunities, while Green Bay has their QB of the future in Jordan Love riding pine. Perhaps it’s time to give Love a shot, and adding Carr would only push his start date back and stunt his development further.

Also — is Rodgers really that bad?

Sure, the step back has been noted, but just last offseason he was expected to fetch a couple first-round picks. A third rounder feels low, and adding Carr in isn’t necessarily a valuable asset considering how badly the Raiders want to move on.

If a Rodgers trade does happen, Vegas makes sense. But this trade setup as currently constructed feels like a no-go. Let’s go back to the drawing board.

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