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Adam Schefter dragged again for questionable coverage of Deshaun Watson

Once again, ESPN’s Adam Schefter faced criticism for his recent coverage of Deshaun Watson in which Schefter describes “signs of progress” for Watson.

For Deshaun Watson, a man who has faced 30 accusations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct, there have been questions about how the NFL and NFLPA planned to rehabilitate Watson during his league-mandated suspension.

As Watson enters Week 12 for his Cleveland Browns debut versus the Houston Texans, ESPN’s Adam Schefter shared a report that, once again, sounded as if it came from one of Watson’s PR reps.

According to Schefter’s sources, NFL and NFLPA experts claim that they have seen “signs of progress” during Watson’s mandatory treatment program.

Questions abounded about how genuine this development was, especially coming from Schefter, who insinuated that the “truth came out” after Watson’s grand jury verdict earlier this year. Many wondered what “signs of progress” looks like for someone accused of egregious sexual misconduct who continues to deny any wrongdoing.

Sports journalists in Schefter’s replies offered a clinic on how to practice journalism responsibly. “Total fail here,” wrote former AP columnist Tim Dahlberg.

With NBC sportscaster Ben Ross saying that “the quote tweets are worth your time,” a glimpse at how NFL media members and NFL fans are eviscerating Schefter is worth a gander.

Adam Schefter faces backlash for seemingly promoting Deshaun Watson for “signs of progress”

As promised, the quote tweets on Schefter’s report are much less disappointing than Schefter’s wispy shroud of objectivity.

In his quest to become the NFL’s preeminent insider, Adam Schefter has built up and sold his platform to those who wish to get their side of the story out. In addition to implying Watson’s innocence following the grand jury trial, Schefter has also been criticized for his handling of a story concerning a domestic violence allegation against Dalvin Cook in which Schefter shared Cook’s version of events and that alone. Getting exclusive information comes at a price, but the misrepresentation of perspectives and events has cost Schefter his reputation in the eyes of many.

Even though Schefter appear to be bought,  no one is buying his reporting on Deshaun Watson.

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