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Who is the referee and officiating crew for the 2023 Super Bowl?

The NFL has revealed the full officiating crew responsible for the Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. 

The apex of the NFL season is nearly upon us as the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles prepare for a trip to Arizona and a matchup in the Super Bowl. As exciting as Championship weekend was, Super Bowl weekend is the penultimate moment in the annual football schedule where everything comes to a, hopefully, satisfying end.

These two teams have been the two best teams in the NFL all season long, and it is only correct that the season ends with those two teams battling for the Lombardi. To make sure that the matchup between the two offensive juggernauts is fair and played correctly, the NFL has put together an experienced and respected team of referees to officiate the game.

Carl Cheffers will lead an experienced group of referees for Super Bowl 57.

Leading the crew will be Carl Cheffers, who not only has experience officiating the Super Bowl, but has experienced both Kansas City and Philadelphia’s most recent Lombardi wins in Super Bowl 54 and 52 respectively. He also officiated two Chiefs’ games this season (victories over the Las Vegas Raiders and Houston Texans) and one Eagles’ game this season (Week 18 win over the New York Giants).

Behind him is nearly a decade of championship experience, with Roy Ellison, Jeff Bergman, Eugene Hall, and Dino Paganelli all bringing their own history with the biggest game of the season. Both Eugene Hall and Dino Paganelli were present for Kansas City’s victory in Super Bowl 54. Jeff Bergman is the most experienced official on the crew, having officiated Super Bowl 31.

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