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Cowboys: Jerry Jones sends a warning shot to Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott was highly disappointing in the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff loss and now it seems Jerry Jones is sending the quarterback a bit of a warning shot.

Most reactions to Dak Prescott’s dud in the Dallas Cowboys‘ Divisional Round loss to the San Francisco 49ers could be best construed as over-reactionary. Yes, he was bad in that defeat, but any calls to bench him, move on, or anything in that vein is over the line and overlooks the shortcomings of the roster and the play-calling.

That, however, won’t stop the speculation about Prescott’s future and how far he can take the Cowboys. And apparently it won’t stop team owner Jerry Jones from sending thinly veiled warning shots at his quarterback.

Holding a post-season press conference on Wednesday, Jones spoke about Dallas’ draft strategy moving forward, saying that the team is going to draft a quarterback this year and would ideally select one in every year’s draft.

Your move, Dak.

Jerry Jones fires warning shot to Dak Prescott over Cowboys drafting QBs

Drafting a quarterback often is a well-perceived strategy as it never hurts to have a deep quarterback room. Heck, the 49ers can attest to that after Brock Purdy led them past Dallas to the NFC Championship Game, their third-string rookie taken with the last pick in the draft.

At the same time, though, the hyperbolic nature of Jones saying they’d draft one every year seems like a message to Prescott. The message is that the Cowboys are going to keep moving quarterbacks in and seeing what they can deliver, particularly if the current starter doesn’t clean up his play after leading the NFL in only interceptions.

It’d be hard to imagine that Dak Prescott won’t receive the message. Having said that, Jones might not be far off about drafting a quarterback this year as Cooper Rush could be set to leave Dallas this offseason.

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