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NFL rumors: Surprise team for Derek Carr, Raiders QBs and Jalen Ramsey trade destinations

The NFL rumor mill is turning, with lots of updates on Derek Carr, his former team the Raiders, Jalen Ramsey, and more.

The NFL offseason is here, and without games, we only have Madden and NFL rumors to hold us over, if you’re not one of the lunatics watching the XFL and USFL.

Here’s the latest information on rumors around the league.

NFL rumors: Evan Engram is open to a franchise tag

It’s infrequent that players want to do the whole franchise tag thing. It’s good for teams because it allows them to keep players around on short deals that extend the window without offering players any sort of long-term security.

Evan Engram is down for it with the Jacksonville Jaguars, though, according to Kevin Patra of

The tight end was good for over 40 yards per game last season and will be a sought-after piece if he hits free agency.

Clearly, things are happening in Jacksonville. The Jags made the playoffs this season and won a game. Now quite a bit of time removed from the Urban Meyer nightmare, Trevor Lawrence and Co. have arrived.

The players in the building can tell something special is here.

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