Cowboys fans ready to make Super Bowl after Brandin Cooks trade

The Dallas Cowboys did something moderately big and traded for wideout Brandin Cooks, and their fanbase unsurprisingly has very strong opinions on the acquisition.

Every single year, Dallas Cowboys fans think they are going to the Super Bowl, and every single year, the franchise lets them down. Why should 2023 be any different? The Brandin Cooks trade, for starters.

The Houston Texans traded Cooks to the Cowboys for a mere fifth-rounder and sixth-rounder, very similar to what former Dallas wideout Amari Cooper commanded in his trade to the Browns.

Cooks had requested a trade a few weeks back and seeing him get moved this offseason is no surprise. However, seeing him join America’s favorite team, the Cowboys…..

Cue all the way-too-early Super Bowl predictions. Sure, go ahead and place that +1600 bet on Dallas winning the championship. Just know the Cowboys are going to be the Cowboys, and one star wide receiver does not take away from Mike McCarthy’s ludicrous and laughable clock management.

To the oft-delusional Cowboys fan, the Cooks trade may make it seem like Dallas is going to win it all this year. Time will tell, won’t it? It could come down to the final seconds of any given game. McCarthy knows that all too well.

But to empathize with the uber-optimistic/questionably delusional fanbase mob for just a second, here are some of the best reactions on Twitter to Dallas maybe not choking in 2023:

Twitter reacts to Dallas Cowboys trading for star WR Brandin Cooks

Will Dallas be Cooks’ final home? Based on his chaotic trade history, probably not.

As for the lofty Super Bowl aspirations, Cooks is a consistent and experienced wideout who can fit well in the receiving corps and should help elevate the passing attack (and discourage any end-of-game QB draws). Don’t make it more complicated than that.

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