Jets finally run out of fake buzz words to describe the Aaron Rodgers experience

Aaron Rodgers has turned the New York Jets’ team facility into a redundant cliche factory, bro!

Who knew that Aaron Rodgers joining the New York Jets would transform Gang Green into the Butch Jones era of Tennessee Volunteers football overnight?!

While it is a big deal to have a future first-ballot hall-of-fame quarterback walk into your building, easy on the redundancy, guys. Bless their five-star hearts, one leadership rep into a Team 121 trash can at a time. I haven’t heard heard or seen this many cliches since Dan Quinn was running my Atlanta Falcons into the ground post-28-3 up in Flowery Branch. It isn’t even June 1 yet, man.

It is not a matter of if but a matter of when all of these cliches will be plastered onto the walls in Florham Park like poorly chosen flash at the local tattoo parlor. Thank the lord for white paint!

When you get ready, to get ready, you get ready and be about the ball on Tell the Truth Monday…

I want to gouge my eyeballs out with a rusty spoon I found somewhere rattling around I-285, bro.

Aaron Rodgers on New York Jets has Gang Green spitting out Butch Jones cliches

Look. I really want Rodgers to be the best thing to happen to the Jets since Joe Namath guaranteed a Super Bowl victory poolside around the time we allegedly landed on the moon. The truth will come out one day… However, when I am being bombarded with empty-calorie nonsense akin to when Jones and Quinn speak, it triggers me. Yes, some Falcons/Vols fans exist out there…

As far as the cliches, they can exist for as long as the Jets win. Do Your Job worked in New England … until it didn’t. Take Flight works because it’s y’all’s thing, but don’t try to take things that worked in Seattle or Cincinnati and try to apply them in Atlanta and Knoxville like Quinn and Jones wanted to do. I would like to think Robert Saleh is better than that. Then again, he is only in his third year.

Frankly, the Jets need to win around 10 games this season for this Rodgers trade to even remotely be worthwhile. Go be a top-seven team in the AFC and give the Buffalo Bills a run for their money. Josh Allen is entering year two without Brian Daboll giving him all the answers on the test, so take advantage of that situation wholeheartedly. Take flight, not a page out of Quinn’s cliche playbook.

You do realize that Pete Carroll was an atrocious head coach that one time he led Gang Green?

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