Chicago Bears legend blasts Chase Claypool over needing ‘motivation’

A report on the Chicago Bears regarding wide receiver Chase Claypool and his “motivation” issues is sweeping the NFL, and a former Bears legend is not happy about it. 

According to reports from the Waddle and Silvy show in Chicago, Chicago Bears wide receiver Chase Claypool is drawing negative reviews.

This stems in large part due to the trade that sent the No. 32 pick in last year’s draft to Pittsburgh. Claypool hasn’t delivered thus far, and rumblings within the organization are showing signs of growing impatient, along with questioning Claypool’s motivation.

That was enough to set former Chicago Bears legend Charles Tillman off. Tillman, a decorated cornerback and vital part of the 2006 NFC Championship team, went off on the report.

Bears: Charles Tillman unloads after Chase Claypool issue with ‘motivation’

If anyone knows about the responsibility that comes with playing for the Bears, Tillman fits the criteria. Not to mention, Tillman comes from a family bred in military roots, so discipline and internal motivation are expected from Day 1. The same is also expected from anyone that plays under Matt Eberflus.

While Chicago cannot undo the trade, they can only hope to salvage the deal if, indeed, the reports are true. Additionally, if they wish to move off Claypool after this season, they can do so, but that would add wide receiver back to the top of their list for what to acquire in the 2024 NFL Draft, along with offensive linemen and edge rushers.

The Chicago Bears have a long training camp ahead of them. It will be up to Chase Claypool to get up to speed and help this team, or else he could be traded once again, albeit for a lower-round pick. There is the possibility he could be released come the end of next season. All options are available and can be eradicated if Claypool steps up.

Again, that’s a huge “if.”

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