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Patriots DB Jack Jones turns out to be biggest hypocrite ever on Ja Morant

Patriots defensive back Jack Jones was a vocal critic of Ja Morant. Then he turned around and got himself arrested on felony weapons charges.

Ja Morant was the perfect example of a talented athlete foolishly putting their career in jeopardy because of a complete lack of sense. He was roundly, and rightly, criticized for irresponsibly waving firearms around on social media.

Patriots defensive back Jack Jones was one of his more interesting critics, since Jones had a history of foolish behavior that nearly cost him his career in college. But he turned things around, got drafted and put in a promising rookie season in 2022.

“@JaMorant dumb.. you letting social media and yo pride ruin yo real money. Put them guns down and run that money up. Make one of your homies sign up for security or concealed carry if you feel like you need it that bad.. but you the bread winner you gotta start acting like it,” Jones tweeted on May 15.

A month later, Jones was arrested and charged with multiple felonies after two allegedly loaded firearms were found in his carry-on luggage at Logan Airport in Boston.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Jack Jones.

Patriots DB Jack Jones faces serious firearms charges

A Patriots spokesperson told ESPN that the team is “in the process of gathering more information and will not be commenting further at this time.”

Short of this whole thing being a giant misunderstanding and Jones being completely exonerated, Jones’ status as a member of the Patriots is in serious jeopardy.

His freedom is as well.

Jones is facing some serious jail time if the current charges stick. And his history isn’t going to help his case.

A five-star recruit who achieved third-team All-American honors at USC, he was dismissed from school because of academics in 2018. That summer, he was arrested his role in a burglary of a Panda Express, serving 45 days of house arrest after pleading guilty to a second-degree misdemeanor.

He ultimately landed at ASU where he did enough to warrant the Patriots drafting him, despite the legal red flags.

Jones had the chance to be an example of someone who made a dumb mistake and got their life back on track. Instead, he one-uped Morant in stupidity.

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